Setting automatically a new wallpaper everyday

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For the last months I have been a huge number of hours in front of my computer and I kind of got tired of always the same background. In one of my usual Facebook News Feed scrolls I saw a beautiful picture of National Geographic:

National Geographic Photo of the day 27/12/2016 by Yan Gao

So I decided that I wanted to have it as my wallpaper. But it’s not that I want this one, I want the one that is published everyday. First thing? Google it. Result? Someone had already thought about it, ofc.

I tried one solution and it did not work so I decided to do it myself from scratch instead and here is the result. Working on Ubuntu 16.04:

To set it up:

  • Download the script and make it executable:
chmod +x
  • Then run:
crontab -e
  • And add a line as:
@daily /home/<user>/